The Release of Prophetic Writers

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The dream I had last night was an announcement followed by a word of encouragement. In the dream, I was standing in front of our bathroom mirror getting reading to go somewhere. I turned my head to the side and saw inside my ear the tip of a pencil sticking out. The image shocked me. My first thought was, “How could a pencil be inside my ear and not kill me?” I reached up and grabbed the tip of the pencil and began to pull it out. When I finally pulled out the pencil it turned into a writing pen that I held in my hand, and then the dream as over.

Immediately I knew the interpretation and purpose of the dream. God is calling and releasing a previously unknown cadre of prophetic scribes. These are people tasked with releasing a fresh understanding of God’s heart, the mission of the Church, and the interpretation of unfolding events that are coming, but not yet seen. These writers will write what they hear and see in the Spirit. Sight and sound will be the delivery systems for their revelation.

The prophetic revelation some have wanted to share has remained hidden because they have approached writing in a traditional way – through the use of human intellect and a reliance on the development of professional writing skills. They thought their credibility as a prophetic writer would be established from these two sources. There is nothing wrong with our human intellect or learning how to become a more proficient writer, but that is not the starting point. 

The writers I am describing will have enough faith to override the fear of thinking their undeveloped writing skills would somehow hinder the impact of what they write. At the start of any journey in writing,  there will always be the need to become more proficient, but that cannot be a barrier you continue to live behind if God has called you to write. It will keep you from sharing what others need to hear. Write it even if what you write is raw and needs work. Let the rest of us figure it out with the help of the Spirit.                                            

If this word resonates in your heart, it is time for you to take a step of faith and put before the Church the revelations you are hearing and seeing. The days of sitting in front of your computer and trying to figure out the first sentence or what people want to hear are over. You are hearing words. You are seeing images. These are your starting points. Begin to write about what you see and hear and then your intellect and any writing skills you have will join that sight and sound and a word will emerge. That is what happened to me this morning when I awoke from my dream and put into word what I saw in the Spirit.

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  1. Laurie

    I identify with this. Been writing for years as a calling, but since I don't feel led to promote it that much, it's been hard to see it as Spirit-led. This is a confirmation. Thank you!


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