Managers vs. Apostles – Organizations vs. Movements

by | Feb 5, 2015 | Apostle, Change, Leadership, Ministry | 0 comments

The difference between an organization and a movement is found in the style of its leadership.  Organizations are led by managers. Movements are led by apostles.

A manager leads by protecting and maintaining the status quo.  If left unchallenged they will manage an organization to a standstill and eventual death. Managers are made nervous by the sound of an apostolic voice because an apostle leads by revelation and revelation has the potential to challenge the managed status of an organization.  A manager will view apostolic initiative as a threat to the system. This perceived threat can cause a manager to try and gain more control by removing the apostolic voice from the organizational process. An apostolic gift is assigned by the Lord to confront, with honor, the restrictions and ways of thinking found in an organization that are currently producing its eventual decline and demise.

Apostles initiate change by inviting and releasing those with a similar apostolic calling to move forward at the speed of their faith into new areas of ministry potential thereby creating the forward motion inherent in a movement. Be careful to what form of leadership you align your life because that choice can determine the destination of your efforts.


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