Recently, I was
invited to preach in a church here in Oregon. 
During worship, I saw an image that was one of the most beautiful things
I had ever seen. I was shown the arrival of a believer into eternity.  There was immense joy within the image.  Jesus approached this new arrival with a
smile on His face. Following Him was a large crowd of people coming with Him to
greet the one who had just arrived.

In this crowd were
the parents and a sibling of this person. 
Also in the crowd was an aborted child they had never met.  The child was smiling like Jesus. There was
no sense of anger or judgment in the eyes of anyone in the vision.  The past and all it’s pain was covered under
the sacrifice of Christ. Also present in the approaching crowd were those whom
this person had seen as enemies during their lifetime. These former enemies
were now approaching as friends.

As I watched the
image develop it was all I could do to keep from breaking down and weeping at
the beauty of what I was seeing.  As the
worship ended, I stood and ministered what I had seen.  As I shared the details of the image, the
Lord began to move powerfully bringing freedom to the people in the sanctuary.

Paul wrote that
death has no victory and no sting for those who put their eternal destiny in
the hands of Jesus Christ. The scripture also tells us that to be absent from
our body is to be present with the Lord. Between the moment of our physical
death and our entry into eternity there will be no measurable moment of time.
Time is where sorrow has the ability to be birthed and express itself in a life held captive by fear and bondage. None of this will take place in pure and timeless eternity.

To prepare for your
passing God has removed the element of time and replaced it with a swift supernatural
passage that violates the constraints of time. There will be no long dark
tunnels with a light at the end or a lingering in some netherworld place. The
face of Jesus will be the first image you see as you make your crossover.  The promise of seeing His face as the first
image in your passing is why death and the grave are to be seen in this life as defeated
fear mongers.

Some of you are carrying
a sorrow over what has taken place in your life. Some of these things are now
beyond your ability to correct or make amends for because those involved are now
gone. This sorrow is robbing you of the joy of your approaching appointment
with eternity. God is the Restorer of all things – including the sorrow and
regret you now carry over those unresolved issues.  The Lord wants you to know nothing is beyond
the touch of His love and restoration including those things you were unable to
reconcile in this life.


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