Retrieving the Lost Treasure of Your Life

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Courage, Deliverance, Honor, Hope, Identiy | 0 comments

An archaeologist will tell you to never unearth a treasure from its original context without first seeking professional assistance. The context in which an article is found gives it history, meaning, and cultural value. An archaeologist has the skill and training required to do the extraction of a historical artifact in the right way. Treasure is not supposed to be removed by amateurs from its place in history to rest on the mantle above someone’s fireplace. These discoveries belong in museums after a careful and studious retrieval from their original place of discovery.

This is true for your life. The further you distance yourself from your history the less meaning the testimony of your life will have. Paul understood this concept. He used his painful history to reveal to the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of God. A testimony requires contrast. You are a combination of the history you were delivered from and the future you have been promised.  The promise of a new future requires the context of your past for it to be fully appreciated and pursued.

To be ashamed of your past or fearful of its recall is a reminder that you are still in the process of being healed. The result of that healing will be the ability to share your history without fear of rejection or a visit of the emotional devastation that still remains from an unresolved past. At that point of healing, your life will be removed from a disconnected mantle and placed in a spiritual gallery as a masterpiece of God where everyone passing by can view your complete life and see it as evidence of God’s transforming love.


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