Relational Snipers

by | Nov 7, 2020 | Prophetic | 1 comment

This week, I had to block someone on my Facebook account. Among the thousands of people I have as Facebook friends and followers, this individual was unknown to me before reading their words. I blocked the person for taking potshots at people and name-calling. The words used were cruel and misinformed.

When I was a cop, I remember working a two-person unit late at night in a rural area when a sniper took a shot at our vehicle. It was a nerve-racking experience. Snipers shoot at people from a place of concealment. They are especially effective from long range. The target of a sniper rarely knows from where the round is being fired. In a military or SWAT operation, snipers are a needed and precise tool of conflict. In the jungle of social media, snipers exist because of a relational disconnect where cowards find false courage that would not be present in a face-to-face meeting where our words have personal and sometimes physical consequences.

Scripture says, “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all people” (Romans 12:18). This is not always possible with some people who do not know the boundaries of a healthy relationship. For me, it has meant being willing to put away my relational sniper rifle and allow God’s word and His Spirit to be the ones to fire a round of love into someone’s heart. Our undisciplined sniping shots can kill a relationship because our aim is off. A precisely aimed shot of truth from God will always release the potential for life.

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  1. Mary Gaye Savant

    This is a timely word for me and I believe a call for God’s people to recieve His preparations. Recently, I experienced some deep rooted anger from my parents in dealing with the election. Through much prayer and discussion with wise Godly counsel (including reading your blogs) my spiritual eyes have opened to some truths. Now, I’m asking God to help me communicate with them in love.

    1st, I know to constantly remind myself they are not speaking from a heart of salvation or biblical wisdom and understanding, but of religion. This helps me to not be offended, but partener with Holy Spirit.

    2nd, Holy Spirit has reminded me of how the enemy subtly introduced abortion to my parents generation as humane efforts for those who were raped and seeking abortions in non-medical ways and dying in the process.

    3rd, Holy Spirit also reminded me of my parents’ identification with democratic party goes way back to being for the working class people as far as the unions were concerned. My Dad worked in a plant on the Mississippi River and vows that he would not have been able to keep his job if it weren’t for the union. So, his loyalty is to the union instead of giving God the glory.

    4th, my parents have never aimed anger like this at me ever before, so I know it is demonic. “We do not wrestle with flesh, but with powers and principalities in high places of the dark world.”

    5th, I love my parents, so this has been difficult standing for God’s truth and putting His ways above their ways. “Father against son, mother against daughter…”

    6th, Holy Spirit has revealed that my parents are experiencing condemnation from the enemy and conviction from Holy Spirit, but their missplaced loyalty and pride is blocking their understanding. Because they are walking in the natural, they see me as the source of the condemnation and conviction.

    I believe there is more going on because of how they are bashing President Trump, but do not have any good reasons to support their decision to vote for Biden. What I’m sensing is to communicate how I understand their original connection with the democratic party, but hope they will reconsider based on it’s current platform which obviously they are not fully aware. Also, need to communicate that I do not have bad thoughts of them just confusing thoughts. I believe the enemy is stirring wrong thoughts which they are believing my husband and I have toward them.

    I know you deal with opposition too. Your wisdom has been valuable. Thank You for being transparent with us as a family of God.


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