Some of you will be asked by God to try something new, something you have never done before. You have no experience in this new place of faith. You will bring to the challenge more than you realize.

Apart from flag and touch football games during recess at school, I never played organized football. I had friends who were football All-Americans in high school. My sport was swimming.

I went to Whitworth College (now Whitworth University) in Spokane, Washington and swam on their swim team. I was housed in what was called a “jock dorm” with guys who played a variety of sports for the college. One day, I looked at my friends on the football team and thought, “That looks like fun. I could do that.” I was as big as most of the guys and in good shape, so I decided to become a walk-on at football camp. After a few days, the coach extended an invitation to me to become part of the team. I accepted and entered the wonderful and strange new world of college football. I found out I had a hidden talent for the sport.

Some of you are like me when I first entertained playing college football. You are drawn to a new adventure, but you lack experience. I want to say to you, try out. Take that first step of faith and you may find you have hidden talent and ability that has remained concealed behind your lack of experience. Those talents and abilities have been waiting to emerge. They are waiting for your obedience to set things in motion. 

A new team of faith is waiting for you to arrive to help them round out their roster. It is time for you to try out for your heart’s desire. God has a whole set of plays He wants to run through your life. Step out and try out and you will be amazed at what takes place.


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