The Coming Turn of Events in California

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Change, Courage, Culture, Evangelism, Future, Miracles, Power, Prophecy, Reformation, Revival, Spiritual Warfare | 0 comments

Prophetic voices are prophesying a coming shift in the spiritual atmosphere of California. This week, with the pending legislation taking place in California that will attempt to curtail the activity of the Church and hinder free speech, I have had two images come to mind that will define a turning point in the state. 

In the first image, I saw a snake consuming itself. It was actually eating its own tail and engorging itself with itself. At one point in the image, the snake began to choke to death on its own presence.

In the second image, I saw a notable politician getting ready to finalize a dark document with their signature. As they approached a table to affix their signature in a signing ceremony, they stood back and in a moment of divine revelation said, “I can’t sign this.” This will happen while the powers in place are assured of victory. The decision of this single politician will come as a complete surprise, but it will be cast it off as not affecting the final outcome of the legislation considering they already have the votes needed to confirm a victory. 

This single act of courage will set in motion a spiritual reaction that will release something in the realm of the Spirit far more powerful than a finalized vote and even what some consider a done deal. It will cause the snake of deception to begin to consume itself in an unintended suicide as it chokes to death on the lie it has been promoting.

(Earlier this month, I wrote an article titled, The Kalifornia Kristallnacht (linked below), to help inform believers what would transpire with this proposed legislation.  http://var/web/site/…/the-california-kristalln… )


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