With the approach of the year 2020, it is tempting for many of us to use those numbers to speak of clearer vision and greater focus like someone with 20/20 vision. While the comparison is obvious and subject to overuse, it is not without some merit and prophetic importance.

For the last year, I have been sensing we are coming to the end of what I would call The Teflon Season. Teflon was one of the first frying pan coatings that helped food not to stick while cooking. There is a downside to this coating. Using a Teflon coated frying pan at high heat will begin to breakdown its coating capabilities and release toxic fumes into the air. 

The phrase “Teflon Don” was associated with gangster Don Gotti who seemed to always be able to elude prosecution until one day his situation heated up and his defenses broke down like a Teflon frying pan under high heat. 

The issues of justice and fairness have not seemed to stick to some individuals and institutions. A righteous consequence has slipped off their life like an egg fried in a Teflon frying pan slips unhindered onto a waiting plate. This ability to slip away without sticking is about to change. 

The Spirit will be who applies the heat that will cause the breakdown of these defensive barriers, not our preferred vein of politics or our agenda for cultural transformation.  Human heat can only apply emotion to a situation, not a righteous resolution. When God applies heat to a culture, He does so to redeem, not destroy. He forgives the guilty and confronts the remnants of a Pharisee heart in all of us as the process unfolds, and things heat up. God’s application of heat is no respecter of persons. It is applied to everyone and everything on the cultural stovetop.

As 2020 approaches and things continue to heat up, align yourself with the heart of God, not the unbridled passion of people. If you can subdue your emotions and not be led by the demands placed on you for your agreement and alignment, you will begin to see clearly what is taking place. With 20/20 spiritual sight, you will see what God is doing in our nation that is preparing us to witness the most amazing season of national revival and reformation.


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