The Roof Over Your Head

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Dreams, Eternity, Faith, Freedom, Joy, Kingdom of God, Miracles | 0 comments

There is a roof over your head.  This is not like the roof of your physical home, but one constructed by your attempts to cover and protect yourself from the sorrows of life.

You have forgotten that you walk under open heavens.  The realms above you were penetrated by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  His resurrection opened forever all that is above you. This open heaven is far more secure than any covering you construct for self-protection.

God wants you to live and move freely.  You have not been called to live under a roof constructed with the building materials of fear.  A human-constructed roof is small and can never really protect you. God wants you to step out from under your roof and start running with the freedom that comes from knowing you live under an open heaven.


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