The Last One Clapping

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Change, Hope, Joy, Love | 0 comments

Your recent interaction with God has caused you to start applauding His goodness.  When God’s goodness was poured out on your life in a visible way others joined you in your celebration. Like a polite applause following a natural performance, people gradually stopped clapping and returned to life as usual.  But you have continued with your applause of God.  You are now left alone as the last one clapping in the auditorium of your life.

Don’t stop your applause of gratefulness.  You will look a bit strange still clapping after everyone else has stopped. People are watching. Don’t worry about looking strange and out of place. God has a reason why He has put this joy in your heart.  He has positioned you to be a perpetual testimony of His goodness – a reminder that God is always at work behind the scenes of human events. Keep clapping even when no reason to applaud is visibly present.  Your reason to applaud God is because of whom He is, not what you see happening around you.

Your expressed joy has become a Kingdom advertisement that something greater is taking place on earth than just the negative interaction between the kingdoms of man.  Your continued applause of God is rearranging the spiritual environment in which you live.  When you applaud the goodness of God sorrow is displaced by hope. Anger is pushed aside by peace.  Separation is confronted with unity.  This is the power of your celebration.  Your single applause will gently confront a silent audience to believe again that God is at work, not only in the single performance of your life, but also as a possibility for them. Your applause of God’s goodness has the supernatural potential to change everything.


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