A discovery of God’s original intent of Scripture is taking place. God is unveiling what has been hidden behind walls of human understanding. The primary interpretive tool used in this time of discovery will not be our learned skills of interpretation. Some of these interpretive skills have actually delivered us into our current place of dilemma. In this time of a spiritual and scriptural revolution, an understanding of the heart of God will take the primary lead in interpreting the mysteries of the Word.  Out of context interpretations birthed from an inaccurate understanding of the historical context and the original intent of the author will be exposed. These limited understandings will be abandoned to receive the deeper beauty and intent of the Word which has always been the heart of God, not a preferred theological position.

This will make some fearful and nervous because entire worldviews and church movements have been formed around these misunderstandings. None of these discoveries will lessen the primacy of Christ as our Redeemer or our need for personal redemption and a life of purity. This season of revelation has a purpose – to remove the lid from some of our stagnant little theological buckets and reveal to us the magnificent and expansive heart of God. This revelation will take place to usher in a move of the Spirit held in check because we did not yet see and understand the heart of God. 

With any season of discovery or rediscovery, the false and the true will appear at the same time. Twenty years ago, the Lord said to me, “My ability to lead you into truth is greater than the devil’s ability to lead you into error.” That word was given to help us not live in fear but walk with confidence in the protecting and sustaining love of God.

This is a time when good people on both sides of an issue will provide “proof” texts for their particular viewpoint. Volleys of position will be tossed back and forth over fences of theological division. Be careful about joining these contests. They will not move you forward. They can only entrench you in more of the same. This is a time when the knowledge of the Father’s heart will not only help you discover the intended truth and meaning of Scripture but it will keep you from becoming a voice representing a Pharisee spirit where facts about God, not the heart of God, leads your speech, your conduct and your interaction with the world.


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