When the Shaking Starts

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Prophetic | 3 comments

Our world is sitting atop a spiritual fault line that has been building up pressure over time and is about to release, rupturing our misplaced sense of security. Too much evil has taken place and gone unchallenged to continue in its current state without release. In the coming days, make sure you stand on the Lord’s side, not on any side determined by earthly human institutions, bravado-like posturing, or false confidence that life will go on as usual. In this coming quake, only in the Lord is our safety assured. 

When we lived in Kingston, Jamaica, the largest earthquake to hit the island in almost 40 years struck. I was outside with our kids around our swimming pool when the earthquake began. Within moments, 3–4-foot waves were sloshing inside the pool and the house was making strange sounds letting me know its structure was being compromised. I called out to Jan to get out of the house and run to meet me and the kids outside. After a few moments, the quake subsided. Damage, death, and injury were reported across the island.

Jamaica sits along the northern edge of the Caribbean Plate making the island nation prone to earthquakes. Port Royal, an infamous pirate city that sat on the edge of Kingston was described as a place of great wealth and wickedness. It was the city portrayed in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. In 1692, Port Royal experienced a very strong earthquake. Within minutes, a majority of the city sunk into the sea taking with it the evil it displayed. Port Royal remains submerged to this day. 

A shaking is coming that will have a global impact. Rebellion and unrestrained evil will submerge taking with it those who refuse to repent of their participation in and support of dark agendas. Officials who labored under the spell of this deception, and who thought themselves untouchable, will be the first to fall when the tremors begin. 

This announcement is not meant to incite fear, but to clarify and solidity our posture of faith in the Person of Jesus Christ as our only hope. Our faith was never meant to be placed in the institutions of culture or the promises made by people who will not be able to ensure our safety and security when the cultural quaking starts.

Just as it was when I called out to Jan during the earthquake to run out of our house in Kingston – a house made of a cement block construction and susceptible to crumbling in an earthquake- so it will be when the coming global quake begins to shake all things. Our only safe place will be found by running to the Lord and standing with Him outside the failed promises and illusions of security that will offer no shelter or safety when it is needed most. 

“If you say, ‘The Lord is my refuge,’ and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent” (Psalm 91: 9-10).


  1. Heather Hutchins

    It has be coming awhile thank you so much for the truth…please put me on your list and emails and most recent post

  2. Jamie

    Garris…have you been following the la palma earthquakes/volcano? There was a study in the 1980s about the possibility of the volcano coming active and the island shearing off into the ocean causing a tsunami that would have global impacts. I’m not a fear monger. Many good, honest Christians have seen a east coast tsunami years in the past, long before lapalma came into the news. My husband and my mom being two. The birth pains are here.

  3. Tim Johnson

    We’ve been sensing the build up of pressure also.
    Simultaneously having a sense of a holy reverential fear and a call to be the light in the darkness!
    Love you bro!


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