A Season of Anticipation

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Faith, Favor, Fear, Hope, Joy, Promise, Provision | 0 comments

I have lived through 65 seasons of fall. You would think by now I would fully understand the coming and going of each new season. This morning as I sat in the early morning darkness, I heard the distant sound of a truck shifting gears. At the moment the driver shifted into a higher gear the Lord deposited a fresh sense of anticipation in my heart for new season that is approaching.

I heard the Lord say, “Get ready”. God is beginning to deposit anticipation in His people for a coming shift into a new season. This will not be the anticipation of what was known and repeated in past seasons of life, but a movement into something new and not yet experienced. When this anticipation arrives it bring with it an expectation that God will perform what He promised.

I felt the Lord saying:

Anticipate spiritual, emotional and mental breakthrough in your family.

Anticipate safe passage through a dangerous circumstance.

Anticipate a financial blessing you had not planned or predicted.

Anticipate clarity of thinking to come and bring resolution to old problems.

Anticipate your enemies will become your allies.

Anticipate misunderstanding will be turned into agreement.

Anticipate old divisions will be healed.

Anticipate what was lost will be found.

Anticipate a prodigal will begin the journey home.

Your assignment in this coming season is to anticipate the arrival of God’s goodness in your life. Your childlike faith has been mocked in the past, but will soon be seen as the most mature response you could make while surrounded by a culture of unbelief and fear.


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