I love the scriptures. I trust them.  The purpose of scripture is to reveal Jesus – the One who is the Word Himself. He was the Word before scripture was penned into existence. He was there before the beginning of everything and He will remain after everything is finished. As you read the words of Jesus in the Gospels – the words written in red – you are reading words spoken by the Word Himself. All other scripture takes a supporting role to the words spoken by Jesus. Jesus said, “You search the scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the scriptures point to Me!” (John 5:39)

I wonder how Paul would respond if he and Jesus were in a room today surrounded by church leaders? Would Paul give more importance to what he wrote or to the words spoken by Jesus?  Without diminishing the profound nature of the Spirit-inspired scripture written by Paul and other disciples, I am confident the filter for truth would be Jesus, not the words written by any follower of Jesus, Paul included.

As you attempt to define your faith or find your way through a tumultuous political season, your primary source document for life and cultural interaction are the words of Jesus. As you step into this new season put your Bible reading program on hold and go back to the words in red spoken by the Word Himself. Park your heart and mind in the Gospels. Allow the beautiful simplicity of Jesus’ words to rearrange all aspects of your life.  His words will be like a breath of fresh air that blows through your mind removing all the religious cobwebs left behind by an overly-complicated life of faith.

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  1. Bette Cox

    His words are spirit, and they are life. Refreshing. Strengthening. Enlightening. Correcting. Repairing. Enduring. Affirming. Life.


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