As I prayed about the day, I saw an image of God’s hand.  His hand reached out and began to peel off a sticky label that had been attached to someone in an attempt to define their life.  These unrighteous labels carry demands that require you to live under the banner of their limited definition of your life. This particular label needed to come off because believing it’s lie had closed doors that God intended to remain open and it had shut down relationships before they had a chance to develop.

Today, you are being relabeled.  You will know these new labels are from God because they will have words written on them like, “Friend”, “Beloved” and “Cherished”.  His labels will define His passionate love for you.

As God relabels your life He will ask you to monitor more closely who you allow to bring definition to your life.   Only Jesus, not you, your failures, any person or group of people, has the right to place a label on your life.  Only Jesus has permission to do that because He paid the price for the right to relabel the lives of those whom He redeems.


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